Our firm provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to the three underlying principles of professionalism, responsiveness and quality.

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Our firm is one of the leading firms in the area. By combining our expertise, experience and the energy of our staff, each client receives close personal and professional attention.

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Companies who choose our firm rely on competent advice and fast, accurate personnel. We provide total financial services to individuals, large and small businesses and other agencies.

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"Most accountants do a fine job of filing tax returns and getting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. But that's not nearly enough. The real secret to managing taxes is planning. Jim Cantwell is a member of an elite group of fewer than 50 accountants nationwide that are dedicated to tax planning to save clients money."
Edward A. Lyon, JD
TaxCoach Software, LLC
"Jim has been doing a great job on our taxes for over 10 years. The Tax Organizer he sends us prior to tax time, makes my tax preparation a breeze. What used o take me several days to gather all the needed information, now takes me a couple of hours. Jim is knowledgeable, efficient and does a wonderful job. I highly recommend his services."
Steve Devine, College Park, MD

"When I moved to the Washington DC Metro Area in 2000, I wanted to develop a relationship with an accountant whom I could rely upon to help me with my personal taxes and my small business. Jim Cantwell has always provided outstanding personal service and sound financial advice." 
Nancy Logsdon Mandelkorn, Silver Spring, MD


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